Step 1

Create an Account

Create an account in our client portal and download the PDF Instructions.

Step 2

Fill Out Your Profile

Log in to your account and fill our your pet’s and your personal profile.

You can download our app.

Step 3

Book Initial Consultation

Kim will reach out when you set up your account to schedule an initial consultation. You may also propose a date in the system under the schedule tab or send a message in the communications tab. Weekends tend to have the most availability.

Initial consultation / Meet and Greet – $25

Are you looking for Dog Walking or pet sitting services in Washington, DC?

We are currently accepting new pet sitting and dog walking clients. We would love to meet you and your furry family members! Please review our services page, policies, terms and conditions, and FAQ then follow the steps below. Although this sounds like a lot of homework these pages explain what we do, and why, and address many of the questions we receive, including pricing.

What happens during an Initial Consultation?

Online Profile

Prior to the consultation; you will need to complete an online profile.  If you do not have access to a computer please give us a call and we will provide you with a paper copy.

Meet and greet

An informal, friendly, and educational meet and greet between the pet caregiver, pet parent, and pet. We will have an open and honest conversation about your pet, your expectations, and our services.

Vaccination Records

We will ask for current vaccination records and discuss your preferences regarding veterinarian and emergency care.

2 Sets of Keys

You must provide 2 sets of keys. We strongly prefer that you keep one set of keys in a lockbox and provide us with the code. The other set will remain with the sitter or company owner in case of emergency. Keys will be coded to provide confidentiality.

New Client FAQ

Why do I need to give you 2 keys?
We want to be sure we have access to your pets. Did you know that sometimes a key copied from a copied key will not work?  Or that sometimes the key cutting machines at the hardware store are old and do a poor job duplicating the keys? We strongly encourage two copies to prevent a lock out or emergency.
I live in a secure building, how is that handled?
Due to our schedule we are not able to wait for a desk person to let us in the building and up to your floor each day. If the fob is required for the elevator, then clients generally leave the fob for us in an envelope at the front desk authorizing us to enter their apartment. We leave the fob back in your apartment on the last visit.
Why is there a consultation fee?
We value our team members and are committed to providing them with compensation for their time and effort.
[email protected] 202-854-1776