We are overbooked and not accepting new cat sitting clients at this time. You may request to be added to the waitlist for a sitter in 2020.

Looking for a cat sitter in Ward 3, Washington, DC?

People are often surprised when I say many of our clients are cats! Cats need visits too!

Are we the right CAT SITTER for you?

Patriotic Pet Care, LLC provides in-home cat sitting.  Our team of professional cat sitters work and live in NW DC. Hiring a local pet sitting company is important because we care about our neighbors, are actively involved in the community, volunteer and donate to local fundraisers, and support other local businesses.

We require daily visits. We do not skip days per our insurance policy.

We work as a team. If your primary sitter is unavailable another sitter will cover the visits. Think of it as hiring the company Patriotic Pet Care, LLC and not an individual pet sitter. All pet sitters are fully vetted and deliver the same level of quality care and service. It is important to complete the pet information worksheet in our portal so that the company can share accurate information with the assigned pet sitter.

Most cat visits are completed in the evening after our recurring daytime walks.


Why should you hire a professional PET SITTING company over an app or the kid next door?

When you hire a local company you are getting peace of mind, you are getting a sitter with experience and training, you are getting a sitter who is vetted and background checked. You are also supporting the local economy.  Learn more>>


$30 for a regular visit with 1-2 cats

$44 for extended cat visits with 3 cats or those needing more time

$100 for overnight sitting with 1-2 cats
– required for those needing medicine 12 hours apart

Initial consultation/meet and greet $25

Our rates are firm. Additional cat fees start @ $5/cat.

PEAce of Mind

Patriotic Pet Care, LLC is fully licensed, bonded, and insured. We are a small, locally owned business.

Service Area

Our cat sitters primarily service Ward 3 in NW DC. Additional areas may be available. Please reach out to us for availability.


Top 6 Reasons Why Cats Need Us

1. Cats like to play when their owner is away. It may be innocent with toys or slightly worse with toilet paper. Sometimes cats choose to test their 9-lives and live dangerously. We’ve seen cats turn on the stove, the broiler, and faucets, and even knocking over their water fountain.  

2. Automatic food timers are not 100% reliable. Often they burn through batteries and don’t open as planned! 

3. Increased mental stimulation and socialization.  

4. If a cat isn’t eating for even a day it may be a red flag and a cat sitter would be able to bring the cat to the vet in the event of a medical emergency.

5. Cats do not want to use a dirty litter box just like you do not want to use a dirty public bathroom.

6. It’s possible things can go wrong in your home that are not pet related. The following are real life events we’ve encountered. An ice bin malfunctioned and leaked. A smoke alarm detector’s batteries were low so it chirped loud enough to scare the cat. And there is the cat who accidentally gets shut in a room because the door closed.