You’ve got the best cat toys in your home already; you just didn’t realize it.  Add some zest to your cat’s day with these toys.

DIY Play!

Boxes – Cats love boxes of all sizes. The cardboard is insulating and keeps them toasty in winter, you might find your cat napping in this toy! Toss in a few cat treats to get them going.

Newspaper – Ball it up or make a tent out of it, most cats will have a blast with it.

Leaves – Preferably fall leaves that make crackly noises. They smell like the outdoors, and they move easily.

Paper Bags – If the bag has handles on it cut them off – cats can get them around their neck and get hurt. But once those handles are off, the fun begins. Like a box, toss in a few treats to lure them in.

Empty Toilet Paper Rolls – A single roll makes for great fun; they skitter across the floor quickly. You can also cut them to different heights and fit them tightly inside one another, or glue them in a box. Hide a few treats in some of the tubes for hours of fun.

Ping Pong Balls – They roll and bounce like crazy and are too big for your cat to swallow. This is one toy that you should monitor or better yet, play along with your cat. Most cats have little interest in eating a ping pong ball but keep an eye on them just to be sure.

Yarn – A ball or a long string is a cat blast.  Monitor this game too; there are always a few felines that that eat the yarn (not good). This game is way more fun when you’re helping move the yarn.

Bottle Caps  – They fly across the floor, are too large to eat, and cats love this game; think cat hockey!

Without spending a dime, you’ve entertained your kitty for hours! Do you have any favorite household toys you use with your cat?


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