If you allow your cat to venture outside, keeping your cat safe outdoors is your number one priority!  While cats enjoy the outdoors they really should not be allowed outside on their own.

The average lifespan of a free-roaming cat is 3 years, whereas an indoor cat can live for 12+ years. Since most cats are very interested in the world outside their windows, here are some suggestions so you and your cat can safely get outdoors this season.

Leash and Harness

Cat harnessIt’s not hard to teach a cat to walk outside with a leash and harness (don’t use a collar, they can slip off). With a kitten, if you start them early, they will get the hang of it quickly. With an older cat, it just takes patience and persistence.

Cats usually start by lying down and not moving. That’s okay. Pet and treat them for giving it a shot. The next step is usually slinking or belly crawling around. Tell them how smart they are and treat them frequently, make it fun. This is going to take a little time, but don’t ever drag them or force them to walk.

Eventually, they will get brave enough to move around. Use the lightest leash you can find, cats don’t like “leash drag!”

While your cat may never walk like a dog (some do!), you will be able to go out in your yard and enjoy some outdoor time with them. Never tie them up and leave them alone, that’s a recipe for disaster.

Wheeled Walker or Pet Stroller

This is an excellent way for you both to get out and get moving. Your cat is safe in an enclosed screened stroller where they can sit or lie down and watch the world go by. You get a bit of fresh air and exercise! This article goes over a number of the “best” pet strollers.


Catios have really taken off. They are the latest in porches for your cat. They protect your cat from vehicles, predators, and disease. They protect your local wildlife and birds from the hunting instincts of your cat, which means everyone wins!

A Seattle based company you’re not in their area, no problem, they have a variety of Catio plans that you can build yourself.

Catio Spaces designs and builds Catios. If Catios come in all sizes, from tiny window sized spaces to elaborate and large Catios for multiple cats (and people).

Either way, your cat will love their Catio! Even better this company gives 10% of each sale to an animal welfare organization. This is a great way to give your cat outdoor time in a safe and enriching environment.

Get some fresh air with your cat and enjoy the summer weather together!

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