We all know that cats are different from dogs – you know when a dog likes you (think wagging, slobber, wet kisses) – but how do you know if your cat really loves you?

Cats show their love in any number of ways, you just need to know what to look for. Your cat is probably telling you every day how much they love you.

  • The most obvious way is purring. If your cat purrs when you give them attention, it’s a very good sign that you’re a best buddy.
  • Head bunting is when your cat is facing you and they touch their nose or forehead to your nose, face, or any body part. It’s “I love you” in cat talk.
  • Eye contact with soft blinking is another way for your cat to let you know they are emotionally bonded with you. Respond back to your feline the same way to tell them you love them back!
  • Sitting or laying on you is a clear sign that your cat’s smitten with you. They passed up a snooze in the sunshine or on a soft bed to hang with you.
  • Kneading on you is a sign of affection, so even if their claws hurt a bit, they are telling you that you’re the cat’s meow!
  • Bringing you gifts like dead mice or birds is an unusual way to show affection. They may be yuck to us but when your cat shares their prize with you it’s true love.
  • When your kitty shows you their tummy it’s a true sign of a devoted friendship.
  • Following you around is another example. A lot of us are tripping over our cats on a regular basis, don’t get mad, they like to be close to you.
  • We’ve talked about cat tails before! Your kitty’s tail is often a reflection of their mood. If your cat’s head is up as well as their tail, and it’s flipping back at forth at the tip, that’s a clear sign of BFF.

Cats are not really aloof, you just need to understand cat language. Your kitty is constantly telling you how much they love you, just in different ways!


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