Got a jumper?

Jumping is the number one behavior that dog parents want to change about their best friend. It’s a natural behavior for a dog; they are excited to see you! Dogs prefer face to face greetings and the only way to get near your face is to jump up. Our pups don’t understand that people think jumping is just plain bad manners.

There are a lot of different methods to teach your dog that you’d prefer they keep 4 on the floor (4 paws, of course) but the most important part of teaching is consistency. Whichever method you choose, you have to do it every time.

Here are some simple solutions to keep Fido jump free.

Ignore – When your dog jumps, fold your arms tightly across your chest and turn your back on them. Once he calms down and has all 4 paws on the floor turn around and pet him. Give him a lot of attention but keep it calm. If he starts jumping up again, fold and turn. At first, you may spend a lot of time with your back to your buddy, but if you’re consistent, this works quickly with most dogs. When you know there are going to be guests over (or on a dog walk) have your dog on a leash (they can drag it around the house) and when they jump, pull them down and have the guest turn their back to your pooch.

Delay – Does your dog jump when you come in the door? Start to enter and if they jump, step back out and close the door most of the way. When they settle down, try it again. Your neighbors may think you’re a little crazy, but this works. When you have a guest come over put your dog on a leash and open the door. Ask your guest to wait, back up a bit and get your dog to sit. Have the guest take a step or two forward and if your dog gets out of the sit, the guest walks out the door, and you try again.

Toy Trick – Many dogs, if you give them something to hold, a ball, a chew, a Kong, instead of jumping they will prance around and show off their favorite toy.

Level Changes – Many dogs just want to get close to your face and kiss you, so for some dogs kneeling down solves the problem. Of course, this doesn’t help when you’re out on a walk, and a stranger wants to say hello.

Here are a few what not to do ideas.

Don’t get excited – your dog will mirror your demeanor. Don’t yell at your dog if they jump, stay calm. Don’t grab your dog or push them away, to some dogs that seems like a game. Do not knee your dog, step on their toes, or cause any pain or discomfort; it never helps them learn faster. A calm, loving pet parent wins the day every time.

You won’t change this behavior overnight, and sometimes it gets worse before it gets better. Be consistent and you’ll be surprised; our dogs just want to please us.


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