Looking for a dog walker in DC?

Do you work long hours and worry about your dog being home alone all day? We know the feeling.

Let us give your dog a mid-day walk while you’re at work and give you peace of mind! You will know that your pup is doing well and had the opportunity to socialize with their dog walker, get some exercise and/or playtime, and have a potty break. If you’re having a long day at work your day will get better when we send you a post-walk update with a picture of Fido walking around the neighborhood or chasing squirrels!

We offer weekday dog walks between the hours of 9-5. We book in 3 shifts, late morning, mid-day, late afternoon. We do not offer exact times. We require a minimum of 3 recurring walks per week/12 per month. We also offer potty breaks for those who need a shorter visit. 

Are we the right dog walker for you?

Patriotic Paws Dog Walking provides dog walking in upper NW Washington, DC.  Our team of professional dog walkers work and live in the Ward 3 area. Hiring a local dog walking company is important because we care about our neighbors, are actively involved in the community, volunteer and donate to local fundraisers, and support other local businesses.

We are headquartered in the Palisades close to the restaurants on MacArthur. We stay within a 2-3 mile radius because we know the local streets and know where the dogs like to sniff. Please see below or view our service area page to learn more.


Your Dog’s Team

Bob and Jane are married and they own a dog Rex. Bob walks Rex at 8 am before work and Jane walks Rex when she gets home from work at 6 pm. Rex is perfectly content walking with either Bob or Jane.

Just like Bob and Jane divvy up the walks to provide adequate coverage, our team of walkers divvy up the walks to provide adequate coverage.

You will be hiring the company Patriotic Paws Dog Walking and not an individual dog walker.  We do not accept requests for a dedicated walker (or for the owner) and here’s why…

If you’ve ever needed a day off of work for any reason you will understand why we rotate walkers. No one person can be available every time your dog needs a walk. If Bob and Jane hire Joe to walk Rex mid-days what happens when Joe needs to wait for the plumber or has the flu? If Joe is the only one who works with Rex then Rex wouldn’t get a walk that day. With a team the walk will go on as normal.

To summarize:

  • We work as a team.
  • It is best for the dog to become socialized with different types of people and for walkers to be trained on each dog in case they need to cover a different shift.
  • Your dog will rotate between 2-3 walkers.
  • We do not assign the same walker to you every day.
  • It is important for multiple people to be trained on each dog to provide adequate coverage.
  • We walk about twenty dogs per day and only one fearful dog needed a dedicated walker.
  • All walkers are fully vetted and deliver the same level of quality care and service.

It is important to complete the pet information worksheet in our portal so that the company can share accurate information with the assigned walker. The structure is similar to a physician’s office where four primary care doctors work together in a practice. You, the patient, might not get to see the same doctor each time.  The physician will review your chart before treating you. The physician will use their knowledge and expertise combined with the notes to treat you.  We use the same model.


Why should you hire a professional dog walking company over an app or the kid next door?

When you hire a local company you are getting peace of mind, you are getting a walker with experience and training, you are getting a walker who is vetted and background checked. You are also supporting the local economy.  Learn more>>



M-F 9-5 Recurring Scheduled Dog Walks: $25*
(price based on 1 dog, minimum 12 walks/month on a repeat schedule)

Outside of business hours: $30*/walk

Extended Walk: $44  (1 dog)
Potty Breaks (brief walks or backyard let outs): $18

Initial consultation/meet and greet: $25

Rates are based on one dog per household. Multiple dogs from the same household will be evaluated in-person during the meet and greet to determine the actual rate.  Dog rates are based on leash manners and temperament.

Our rates are firm. 


Peace of Mind

Patriotic Paws Dog Walking is fully licensed, bonded, and insured. We are a small, locally owned business.


Service Area

Our dog walking service area is upper NW DC and includes American University Park, Berkley, Cathedral Heights, Chevy Chase, Cleveland Park, Colony Hill, Forest Hills, Foxhall, Friendship Heights, Glover Park, Hillandale, Kent, Massachusetts Heights, McLean Gardens, North Cleveland Park, The Palisades, Spring Valley, Tenleytown, Wakefield, Wesley Heights, Woodland-Normanstone Terrace, and Woodley Park.


Top 5 Benefits of Walking for Dogs

1. Exercise helps to ensure your dog will achieve or maintain a healthy weigh! 

2. Improves socialization so your dog will be less fearful in life of the mailman, other dogs,  kids, or the metro bus.

3. Increased mental stimulation.  Sniffing new smells is exciting for your dog!

4. Helps to alleviate boredom and the destructive behavior that may follow.

5. Dogs enjoy routines. If they have a regular dog walker they usually know when it’s time and wait by the door!

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