Did you know that February is the official national pet dental health month? We’ve all heard that we should be brushing our pet’s teeth, but do you know why? Not only does it keep their breath sweet but poor dental health has a daily impact on your pets overall health.

If you’ve never brushed your best friends teeth and they are in poor condition you’ll want to have your vet professionally clean their teeth. It often requires anesthesia, but it’s well worth it to start fresh.

There are oodles of dental care products on the market for your pet, and studies have shown that a combination of brushing and hard chew toys does that best job for keeping their choppers clean. So, go grab a doggy toothbrush, some flavored toothpaste, and try to brush them every day.

There are a variety of toys that can help, for example, Kong Extreme Bone, Kong Kitty Toys, Pro Action Dental Chew, or Flossy Chews Rope toys; they act like dental floss. There are also treats specifically designed to clean teeth, such as, Greenies (made for both cats and dogs), Zuke’s Z-Bones Dental Chews, Merrick Fresh Kisses, or Hill’s Science Diet Canine Oral Care Chews.

Dr. Bellows, a specialist in Veterinary Dentistry, tells people, when they ask how long their new puppy will live, “your pup will live 15 – 17 years if you brush their teeth daily, 11 – 13 if you don’t.”

If that doesn’t convince you to start brushing, we don’t know what will!

10 Tips for Better Dog Dental Health
10 Tips for Cat Dental Health

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