It’s August already don’t let summer slip away without planning some fun hot-weather activities with your pets! We have oodles of ideas for those piping hot days.

If your dog likes water, turn your yard into a water park on the next muggy day. Set up a sprinkler and a kiddie pool and have fun. If you’re not sure if your pet likes this activity, try it but don’t force them in the water. Let them warm up to it slowly. Did you know that drinking a lot of water can be very dangerous? See the article in Great Pet Links (at end of newsletter) for more information.

Take your cat, in a harness, for a walk in your fenced backyard and let them explore some shaded areas. So many things to see and smell!

Fill a Kong (or any similar toy) with food, mashed banana, yogurt, or peanut butter and freeze it solid. Head to the yard and put your dog in the shade with their icy Kong and take a book and relax (most Cat’s love a stuffed Kong too)!

How about bacon-flavored bubbles? You can buy a small jar or a bubble machine on Amazon. Some dogs love this activity; if your pooch does, it’s great exercise. Watch Marley chasing bubbles in this video.

Try freezing meat broth into cubes; both dogs and cats love them. Many enjoy playing with them and they will help hydrate your pet on hot days (use low sodium broth without onions and don’t give them too many).

Go swimming or wading. Not all dogs are natural-born swimmers, so have a life jacket on your pooch if they are not leashed.

If your pup has good manners, dine out or have coffee with your dog. Call ahead to check if pets are allowed – many restaurants with outdoor seating areas will welcome your best friend.

If your dog isn’t ready to sit still for an entire meal, start with an ice cream stand. Many have vanilla-flavored dog cones.

Grow your indoor cat a grass garden in a small pot so they have some greens to munch on! Or you might try growing catnip for your kitty, try it on a porch or inside on a sunny windowsill, if you grow it outdoors, all the cats in your neighborhood will smell it and come calling.

Go camping; it’s an excellent activity for the entire family, including your dog. Many camping areas allow dogs on leashes. Campgrounds have lots of dog activities, such as hiking and swimming. Check with your camping area or on their website to see if they are pet-friendly.

Get your best friend dog-tired with a hike in the woods. Be sure to bring water for them and keep your dog’s fitness level in mind!

Your smaller dog can enjoy biking, rent, or buy a bike trailer and harness your dog in; they will love the ride.

Make a backyard obstacle course for your buddy. This article has a bunch of DIY ideas!

Build an inside cat castle inside with cardboard boxes and mailing tubes. Keep it safe and sturdy with packing tape and glue. This is a fun activity to do with kids too. If you need some inspiration, click here.

Summer is a great time to bond with your pets. With a little creativity, your family AND your pets will have a blast this summer!


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