Let’s Talk Paw Pads

Just like people feet our dog’s paw pads are vulnerable and need to be pampered to stay healthy. Not only do fido feet come in contact will all sorts of surfaces and terrain, but just like our feet, they are shock absorbers. Pup paw pads go through a lot of wear and tear, and if they become split, cracked, or sore, it can cause your pooch a lot of pain.

Is it a chronic issue?

First, know this, if your best friend has chronically dry, cracked or irritated paws head to the vet, this could be a sign of allergy, nutrient deficiency, or another medical problem. If your pet has occasional foot problems, here are some causes and solutions for you.

Causes of dry pup pads

Hot pavement or sand – Not only can hot surfaces burn our feet but our dog’s paws too. Because dogs have thick pads some people think they are immune to heat damage, but dog pads are actually quite sensitive. They can be burned in just a few seconds if it’s hot enough.  Even if it’s not sizzling hot, the heat can dry your dog’s pads quickly.

Wintery conditions – Cold weather can dry pads out fast. Additionally, sidewalks and roads have salt or other chemicals on them that is very drying to your companions pads.

Chemicals – Often lawns are treated with tons of chemicals – fertilizers and insecticides, all of which are bad for your dog’s feet. Sometimes even our floor clears or laundry soap can cause pad problems.

Allergic reactions – Any sort of allergy, food or environmental, can cause paw irritation or itchy feet. Many dogs will lick or chew their feet when they are itchy and this makes the paws even drier.

So what do you do if your pup’s pads are dry?

Luckily just like for people’s feet there are a number of pup pad products available as well as home remedies for the DIY pet owners.

Prevention! Take precautions not to let them walk on hot surfaces, try changing your floor cleaner, and if you’ve taken a long walk, you might want to think of wiping or hosing down their feet when you’re done.

Coconut Oil is natural and safe to use on your dog. It’s known for its antibacterial and moisturizing properties. So rub some on their dry feet and give them a toy (maybe a frozen Kong) to play with so they don’t lick the oil off!

Shea Butter is very moisturizing for both people and pups. It’s an all natural product that comes from nuts on the African Shea Tree. It’s non-toxic, so if they do lick it off they won’t get sick, but the point is to try and keep it on their feet.

Finally, there are a lot of Pet Foot Balms on the market. Look for one with all natural, safe ingredients. Then give your best friend a petty-cure!


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