The Beginning

Our story began when I moved to a new neighborhood and had trouble finding a pet sitter near me who I could trust to care for my cocker spaniel, Bella.


What Sets Us Apart

My goal was to build a company that I would use.  I know how hard it is to leave your furbaby for a business trip and how difficult it is to turn over the keys to your home to a new dog walker.  My experience as a pet parent orients every decision, policy, and value that I put into place for Patriotic Pet Care, LLC.


The Team

The team at Patriotic Pet Care has been providing exceptional pet sitting services since 1991. The team is comprised of knowledgeable, dedicated pet sitting and dog walking professionals who put your pet’s safety first and our hearts into our work. The management team actually hires less than 1% of applicants because we only want to hire pet care givers who we would entrust with our own pets.

Patriotic Pet Care, LLC strongly encourages military spouses and veterans to join our pet care team.


We Are Active in the Community

We are a small locally-owned business. We have a connection to, and give back to, our community.  We are not a national franchise or mobile app company.

Meet Bella!

Bella is an 11 year old cocker spaniel who loves treats, sniffing around on walks instead of walking, and sleeping on the hardwood floor next to her cozy bed.  I adopted Bella from a military family when they were unable to keep her.


The Company Name

Bella has served as my inspiration for all that we do at Patriotic Pet Care, LLC. I came up with the name Patriotic Pet Care because Bella and I both came from military families. Also, we live in a city where most people are dedicated to serving, whether it is working for a non-profit or for the government, as a first-responder, or volunteering at your kid’s school – most residents of DC are passionate and dedicated to a cause and stand up for what they believe in.


Our Logo

Our logo features Fifi the Cat and Hunter the Dog. The animals were intentionally drawn with “human-like” features because we consider pets to be part of our family.

We decided to use a star instead of a paw because the DC flag features 3 stars and capital cities are often designated on a map by a star.

Our Values

We know that finding the most trustworthy and compassionate pet caregiver for your little furry one is a daunting task. The company values outlined below illustrate what is most important to us and how we help you.

Untimed Visits

We pride ourselves on staying fashionably late – meaning we don’t watch the clock and check-out simply because your time is up. We have been known to stay a little while longer to provide your pet with extra cuddles and playtime.

Finding the Perfect Match

We carefully review our client intake forms and are dedicated to matching your pet to the most appropriate pet caregiver on our team. We are committed to meeting each pet and pet parent before providing care so that we can fully understand your needs and exceed your expectations.


We use technology to streamline our processes and save valuable time. Pet parents can request services through our online portal, download an app to receive visit updates, and pay invoices online with a credit card.


Education and Learning

We are committed to continuous learning and professional development. We work as a team. We work together to tackle the unexpected and to share our best practices and funny stories. We are continuously challenging ourselves.

Diversity and Inclusion

We learn from each other’s unique experiences, skills, perspectives, and knowledge. Having a diverse team allows us to better understand the unique needs of each pet parent and treat each other respectfully and equally.

Safety First!

You can feel safe with us. Patriotic Pet Care, LLC is fully licensed, bonded, and insured.  We strive to have the best team and thoroughly vet our pet caregivers. We hire less than 1% of applicants – only those who management would trust to care for their own pets.

You can trust us with your keys and your four-legged family member.

Our Mission

“To provide loving, trustworthy care, and to cherish your pets as if they were are own”

More than just a pet service

When you purchase a service with Patriotic Pet Care you are getting more than a dog walker or an overnight pet sitter. Patriotic Pet Care’s professional team is committed to providing your pet with TLC, friendship, and companionship while you are away.

Meet the team

Kim Reed

Founder and CEO

Ms. Reed earned an MBA in Marketing and dual BA degrees in Political Science and Psychology. She has extensive experience in marketing, event planning, and management. She is a Syracuse Orange fan and alumna but now lives closer to historic rival Georgetown. She works hard to provide unlimited treats for Bella.

Open Position- Office Admin

Please inquire with Kim for more information.

Join Our Team

At Patriotic Pet Care, LLC we encourage veterans and military family members to join our team as Pet Caregivers. Spending quality time with a pet is good for you! Pets can improve our moods, offer companionship, help us destress, make us laugh, and help us get our exercise in!