Kim and Bella

The Beginning

Our story began when I moved to a new neighborhood and couldn’t find a dog walker for my dog, Bella. The recommended dog walkers were either over booked or offered all day outings with off-leash walks, not ideal for my reactive, senior dog.

I knew there was a need for leashed one-on-one walks. I also knew I wanted to build a service company that I would use and trust with my own furbaby.

Before forming an LLC I closely studied the pet industry and worked directly with a pet business coach.


Patriotic Pet Care acquired a small pet sitting company in 2017 and expanded services.


The team is comprised of knowledgeable, dedicated pet sitting and dog walking professionals. We put our hearts into our work.

Sitters and walkers are thoroughly vetted and we hire less than 2% of applicants.

Meet Bella!

Bella is an 11 year old cocker spaniel. She loves treats, sniffing around on walks instead of walking, and sleeping on the hardwood floor next to her cozy bed.  Bella was adopted from a military family when they were unable to keep her.

The Company Name

The company name was inspired by Bella and myself coming from military families. Also, we live in the nation’s capital where most people are passionate and dedicated to serving.

We Are Active in the Community

Patriotic Pet Care is a small locally-owned business. We are not a national franchise or mobile app platform. We are connected to, and give back to, our community.


The logo features Fifi the Cat and Hunter the Dog.  The animals were intentionally drawn with “human-like” features because pets are family.

The logo includes a star instead of a paw because the DC flag features 3 stars and capital cities are often designated on a map by a star.

Join Our Team

Spending quality time with a pet is good for us! Pets can improve our moods, offer companionship, help us destress, make us laugh, and help us get our exercise in!

At Patriotic Pet Care, LLC veterans and military family members are encouraged to apply.