Looking for an in-home pet sitter in NW Washington, DC?

The worst part of travel is not the long lines at TSA or flight delays, it is leaving your pets.  To help ease the pain we offer in-home overnight pet sitting. We offer both short and long term overnight pet sitting to give you peace of mind whether you are away at a conference for work, off to a family reunion, or enjoying an African safari.

Are we the right OVERNIGHT PET SITTER for you?

Patriotic Paws Dog Walking also provides in-home overnight pet sitting.   The in-home pet sitting package includes a 12-hour overnight stay plus a mid-day drop-in visit. A typical night might be 7 pm to  7 am and includes dinner, an evening walk, the sitter keeping your pets comfortable and cozy by staying in your guest room overnight, breakfast, and a morning walk. We would then return for a mid-day check-in, feeding if needed, and walk.   

We require mid-day check-ins for dogs. 

Our team of professional pet sitters work and live in NW DC. Hiring a local pet sitting company is important because we care about our neighbors, are actively involved in the community, volunteer and donate to local fundraisers, and support other local businesses.

We work as a team. If your primary sitter is unavailable another sitter will cover the visits. Think of it as hiring the company and not an individual pet sitter. All pet sitters are fully vetted and deliver the same level of quality care and service. It is important to complete the pet information worksheet in our portal so that the company can share accurate information with the assigned pet sitter.

We can not accommodate requests for all-day/24-hour sittings. This is for the health and well being of our sitters.   24-hour sitting requests may be considered if the job can be shared between 3 sitters in 8-hour shifts and start at $400/day. 


Why should you hire a professional PET SITTING company over “JUST” A DOG-LovING NEIGHBOR?

When you hire a local company you are getting peace of mind, you are getting a walker with experience and training, you are getting a sitter who is vetted and background checked. You are also supporting the local economy.  Learn more>>

Why is in-home sitting better than boarding?

Boarding works well for some pets but we are unable to provide this service. For boarding there are specific zoning and licensing requirements and if you decide to go with a boarder please make sure they are operating legally, licensed, bonded, and insured.

While boarding in certain facilities pets are often crated most of the day and given very little freedom and exercise throughout the day. If you’re taking your pet to the vet for boarding ask specifically how long they are in the crate. Also ask if there is overnight supervision in the facility.

Some boarding places breakdown fees for every possible service and even charge extra for 15 minutes of cuddles.

The risks to the pet increase with boarding as they will be exposed to other pets and the illnesses they may carry.  It’s also hard to keep a boarding facility clean with the pets marking and having accidents all day.

Your pet will be much more comfortable in their own home with our sitters.



$100 for overnight sitting with 1-2 cats

$130 for overnight sitting with 1-2 pets

Initial consultation/meet and greet $25

Our rates are firm.

Additional pet fees start @ $5/pet.

PEACE of Mind

Patriotic Paws Dog Walking is fully licensed, bonded, and insured. We are a small, locally owned business.

Service Area

Our overnight sitters primarily service NW DC. Additional areas may be available. Please reach out to us for availability.


Top 5 Reasons to Hire a Professional Overnight Pet Sitter

1. Your pet’s routine will stay the same. They won’t need to adjust to a new place or schedule.

2. Your pet will be in the comfort of their own home making them less anxious that their pet parents are away.

3. No need to pack up their supplies! They won’t need to travel so there’s no need to lug their bed, food, bowls, leashes, crates etc.

4. Your house will be “lived-in” which increases security. If there isn’t a car in your driveway or your newspapers pile-up for a few days a potential burglar may notice!

5. You’ll have peace of mind knowing everything is taken care of and you’ll feel less guilty about leaving. 

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