I found a lost pet in Washington, DC, what should I do?

Every day I see posts on various online platforms about lost and found pets. It’s heartbreaking but also great to see a successful reunion story. Generally speaking people are not prepared to find an animal on their doorstep or running down the street and therefore may not know what to do in this situation.  If you find a lost pet here is a quick list of resources that may help you locate their owner:

  1. Complete an intake form with the Humane Rescue Alliance found here. Then call 202-576-6664 (option 2) to follow-up.
  2. Have the animal scanned for a microchip. Your closest shelter or vet should be able to help. Examples of local shelters that may be able to help include the Humane Rescue Alliance, DC PAWS Rescue, City Dog Rescue and City Kitties Rescue, and Lucky Dog Animal Rescue.
  3. Post the pet details including photos to all of the following websites because you never know which one the owner may use:

4.  Distribute flyers around your neighborhood.

When the owner contacts you and asks to pick-up their pet there are steps you can take to confirm that he or she is the actual owner. Ask for vet records, photos of them with the pet, and an ID. Meet in public where there are other people around.


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