Wag More, Bark Less

It’s a fact of life, dogs bark. It’s an entirely normal and natural behavior, and it’s fun. But if your dog is an excessive barker, it can be annoying to you and your neighbors. To figure out how to quiet the barking you need to understand why your dog is barking.

Most dogs bark when they are playing, defending their territory, bored and want attention, or anxious. A few dogs are enthusiastic barkers, meaning they just like to hear their own voice.

It’s not always an easy behavior to stop, but if you can figure out why your dog is barking, you’re halfway to a fix.

If your dog is a territorial barker, then you’ll be ahead of the game to remove the triggers that cause barking. Often it’s people approaching your home or even walking by outside. Close the blinds so your pooch can’t see anyone outdoors. Put on some white noise (link at end) which is relaxing to dogs and may distract them a bit.

If you have an enthusiastic barker, you’ll be well served to teach them to bark and be quiet on command. It’s not difficult, but it does take some training time, which should be fun for both you and your dog. See the link at the end of this article for instructions.

An anxious dog needs some special attention. They may bark every time you leave the house because they have separation anxiety. Leave on a radio or TV for your best friend, take a Kong toy and fill it with peanut butter or wet dog food and freeze it. Give it to your dog before you leave because for many dogs a frozen Kong is distracting for hours. Have you tried a Thunder Shirt for your nervous dog?  Many dog owners swear by them. Think about investing in a 2-way Pet Cube so you can watch and talk to your dog when you’re not there (they also dispense treats).

If your dog is bored – and this is the number one cause of barking – try some of the same ideas for anxious dogs above. Studies show that Reggae and Classical music seem to be the most relaxing for canines. Give them a wide variety of toys to play with and rotate them every few weeks, so they look new to your pup. Another critical element for a bored barker is breaking up their day, so they can have some fun!

We can help with your barker. Your dog needs exercise and stimulation, and we can help you provide it. Schedule a dog walk for your pooch; we’ll be sure they get a lot of attention. On your day off take your dog for a hike or throw a ball for them long enough to tire them out.

Let’s figure out why your dog is barking and start working on a fix. Quiet times ahead!

Teach Your Dog to Bark and Hush on Command.

Pet Cube Camera (they also have one that tosses a treat)

Simply Noise – white noise that calms your dog.


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