Common Pet Food Mistakes

Big containers – do you pour your pet’s food into a big container? It might be time to stop. You can put the bag of pet food into the container, but it should be left in the bag and folded over to keep it fresh. Some foods degrade rather rapidly and contamination, like Salmonella, can occur. If you do pour their food into a big plastic bin, it should be a food-safe container specifically made for pet food.

Food left in the bowl – don’t leave your dog’s food sitting out. Just like people food, it can go bad and lose nutritional value if left out. It can safely be in your dog’s dish for 2 – 4 hours.

Sunlight and humidity – don’t store their food in an area where it is in sunlight or where the temperature or humidity is high. It can easily go bad in this environment.

Clean bowls – you have to clean your pet’s bowls regularly, which means, every day. You wouldn’t want to eat out of dirty dishes, would you? Salmonella and Listeria can easily grow in their dishes, so run them through the dishwasher or use hot soapy water every day.

Plastic bowls – avoid using plastic or ceramic dishes as they scratch easily and bacteria and odors can settle deep into the scratches. The very best are stainless steel or porcelain.

Kids and pet food – don’t let kids play with the pet food. Kids are not known for their superior hygiene; they can introduce bacteria to the pet food. Plus, you wouldn’t want junior to start munching on their kitten’s kibble!

Check dates – pay close attention to the expiration date on your pet’s food to ensure the food’s shelf life. Most often the date is on the bottom or side of the package.

Unwanted guests – be sure to keep your pet food away from bugs and rodents, they love to raid pet supplies. Don’t store it in the garage, shed, or a back porch.

These simple rules will ensure your best friend is getting safe and healthy food!


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