Many dog owners treat their pets like family members, allowing them to sleep in their beds, come along on family vacations, and engage in activities that make them happy even if they aren’t in the interest of good etiquette. It’s important to be a conscientious pet owner, however, especially if you have neighbors who are affected by your dog’s behavior.

The problem is that you may not even recognize that your pet is being loud, messy, or disruptive because you don’t consider that behavior to be an issue. The key here is to be as empathetic as possible and try to see the situation from another person’s point of view, especially if that person doesn’t own a dog. For neighbors, you want to make sure their property is kept safe and that their daily lives aren’t interrupted by your pet.

Here are a few ways to make sure your dog minds his manners.

Give him love and attention

This one is easy! Giving your pet lots of love and affection means he’ll be less likely to get into trouble, as many dogs destroy property and become rambunctious in order to get your attention. Take some time each day to play with your pup, give him cuddles, and talk to him. He may not be able to understand everything you’re saying, but he’ll know that you’re giving him your undivided attention.

Install fencing

If your dog likes to go into your neighbor’s yard and cause trouble (unintentionally, of course), it’s a good idea to set up fencing so he’ll stay in your yard. Many pets wander because they’re curious about new smells or other animals, but they can trample through gardens and make messes on the way. Take your neighbor’s property into consideration and look into installing a fence. According to HomeAdvisor, on average, it costs about $1,699 – $4,074 to put up a wooden fence, with a project timeline of 5-6 days.

Sterilize your pet

Especially if she likes to wander, your dog could unintentionally contribute to the problem of overpopulated animal shelters if she finds a male she likes. Contact your vet to get information on sterilizing her so you won’t be surprised by a litter of pups down the road.

Keep your dog healthy

Obviously there are many benefits to keeping your dog healthy, but it’s not just for her sake. Your pet can carry mites and disease to other animals or spread them through her feces, so every time she goes to the park or for a walk, she could be putting other pets in danger. Take her for regular visits to the vet and have her checked out, and keep her well groomed so that her fur doesn’t become a harboring spot for fleas or ticks.

Give him plenty of exercise

Making sure your dog gets a workout everyday can not only help him stay healthy, it can tire him out so he doesn’t have the energy to be raucous or loud. You never know what your neighbors’ schedules are like. A neighbor may work the late shift and need rest during the day, or they may have a newborn baby who needs quiet. Take your pet to the park and run the trails with him, or throw a ball in the backyard for him to fetch.

Being a conscientious dog owner can be complicated and require you to think ahead, but it’s well worth it if it prevents your pup from causing problems with your neighbors or others in your community. Show your dog lots of attention and help him learn to mind his manners even when you’re not around by working with him on training techniques.

Author: Aurora James


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