Has your dog gotten a case of the zoomies? One minute your dog is standing next to you nice and quietly; the next Fido is running crazily back and forth at top speed. They may go in circles, jump over things, run into furniture, or chase their tails; and all the while looking as happy as can be.

Zoomies actually have a formal name Frenetic Random Activity Periods (FRAP). So why do zoomies happen and could they be dangerous?

Many dogs get zoomies after hopping out of the tub, if they’ve been inside too long, or when they want to play. However, sometimes they happen when a dog is a bit confused or slightly stressed, and they need to burn off excess nervous energy.

Zoomies are considered normal canine activity and watching our pups get the zoomies is doggone fun! They happen more in puppies or younger dogs, but many dogs keep zooming all their lives. If your dog has zoomies all the time, you might want to consider how much exercise your best friend is getting every day. If you feel your dog is zooming due to stress, try and remove the stressor.

That being said, zoomies are not a dangerous activity as long as they take place in a safe spot. Inside a dog could slip on a rug, fall down stairs, or knock over kids or elderly people. Outside it’s imperative that your dog is in a fenced-in area away from traffic dangers. If they happen and your dog is unleashed in an open area, don’t chase them, that makes them keep zooming. Stay calm and call them (hopefully you are consistently training them to come). Offer them a toy or treat to distract them so you can get them to a safe place to zoom.

Next time your dog gets that explosion of crazy energy, the zoomies, enjoy them, your dog is having a healthy and exhilarating moment.

Watch some zoomies here.

(tail chasing photo: Lilshepherd)

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