There is no such thing as too many cats, right? Who doesn’t love purring, kitty kisses, and catnaps? There are many benefits to having 2 cats. In multiple cat households, the kitties get far more exercise, social interaction, and play.

Most cats do have social needs. Feral cats tend to live in groups, especially when resources (food) are plentiful. House cats that live alone sometimes have behavioral problems like scratching because they are bored or sleeping all day long which can lead to a fat cat.

Before you rush out and find a friend for your cat, consider their age and personality. Have they interacted with any other cats? How do they behave when they see a cat outside?

A shy cat doesn’t want a bossy friend, an elderly cat may not be receptive to a kitten, and a high energy cat may do better with a similar personality and energy level friend. Always consider your cat’s activity level, sociability, and experience with other cats.

If you are looking for another cat, please go to your local shelter. Not only do they have a lot of cats available for adoption but they usually have a good handle on the personalities of shelter residents. They can help you make a good match for your cat.

Next month…. how to introduce your cat to a new friend.

Adding a new cat to your household may be a gift to both you and your cat.


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