Parakeets are a very popular pet; they are smaller and less expensive than other parrots, and just as beautiful. They love to sing and talk; and will provide you with endless entertainment. If that’s not enough, they are smart too. They can learn to do tricks and count! Here are some additional facts that may make you want this loveable bird.

  • The word “parakeet” means long tail. They are also called Budgies.
  • Their country of origin is Australia.
  • In the wild they live in very large flocks, so you’ll have a happier bird if you get at least two.
  • Budgies can talk, and males usually have a larger vocabulary than females. Males have been reported to speak up to one thousand words.
  • If frightened, they will fly towards the light, so if you are allowing them loose in your house from time to time be sure to close the curtains.
  • Parakeets can live up to 14 years.
  • They have very acute vision, and they can move each eye independently of the other!
  • Many Budgies grind their beaks when they are happy and relaxed.
  • Parakeets love to play in water, so be sure to provide some. They enjoy a birdbath to play in, or you can allow them to play in running water in the sink when they are out.
  • Their beaks grow 3 inches a year so they need cuttlebones, wood, and mineral blocks which will help shorten your bird’s beak and supply them with minerals they need.
  • Parakeets are affectionate; as long as you pay them a lot of attention, they will return the favor.

If you’re thinking of adopting a Parakeet call your local shelter and see if they have any for adoption. Click on the link below to learn more about these fun birds.

Parakeets 101


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