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Why hire a local dog walking company in Washington DC and not an app or neighbor?

Why hire a local dog walking company in Washington DC and not an app or neighbor?
Pet owners may be surprised to learn that there are two types of dog walkers, hobbyists and professionals. Pet owners ...
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Can My Pet Make My Family or Me Sick?

dog gets a bath
Can My Pet Make My Family or Me Sick? The short answer is yes. However, the good news is that ...
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Why is my dog destroying my home?

dog with toy
Sooner or later most dog owners will return home and find something ruined by their beloved pooch. Here is what ...
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January is National Pet Eye Care Month

dog looking at you
I Only Have Eyes For You! January is National Eye Care Month, so this is a great time to think about ...
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Things to Know Before You Adopt a Rescue Pet

valentine's dog
According to the ASPCA, every year almost 8 million cats and dogs are in shelters nationwide. We hope that when it's time ...
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7 Resolutions Your Pets Want You to Make

happy new year dog
Uh oh, it's that time of year again - when we set new goals and try to improve our lives ...
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Tips To Keep Your Pet’s Teeth Clean

dog with ball
Tips To Keep Your Pet's Teeth Clean My 12 year old Bella recently had a dental cleaning and no extractions ...
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Spread Holiday Cheer with Your Pet!

boston terrier shopping
It's the most wonderful time of year! Wintertime can be either a season of hunkering down or one of socializing ...
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How do cats show love?

kitten happy
We all know that cats are different from dogs - you know when a dog likes you (think wagging, slobber, wet kisses) ...
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All about your cat’s rough and scratchy tongue

cat licking
Roughing It! If you've been groomed by a cat then you know their tongue is rough and scratchy - like ...
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Why is my dog always barking?

Doodle barking
Are you ready to send your dog to Barkaholics Anonymous? That title is an oxymoron, isn't it? Barkers are not ...
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Nutrition Related Illnesses in Pets

dog eating
Nutrition Related Illnesses in Pets Americans love their pets, so much so, that we spend more than $70 billion on ...
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How to Prevent Dog Bites at Home

dog catching ball
Let's start here: any dog can bite. Even the most friendly and easygoing dog will bite if provoked. Believe it or ...
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Can You Teach An Old Dog New Tricks?

good dog gets pets
We all train new canine additions to our homes; potty training, the household rules, leash walking, and usually a trick ...
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Living With a Fearful Dog

sleepy dog
Living With a Fearful Dog Ironically I own a fearful dog and a dog walking company. My Bella was attacked ...
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Put Your Dog To The Test – The Dog DNA Test

Scruffy dog
Do you have a Heinz 57 dog? If so, you've probably wondered which breeds are mixed into your pup? Discovering ...
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How to Easily Medicate Your Cat

Cat at the vet
As all experienced cat people know, medicating kitty is often a challenging task. But with the right tools and a ...
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