We know you want all of your family members present on your special day and that includes your pet.

Our team can provide professional and loving pet care for your furry family member on your big day so that you do not have to worry about Fido stealing food from the buffet or going potty in front of the photographer. Whether you are looking for your pet to be your ring-bearer or just make a guest appearance for photos on your wedding day.  Please review the information below then contact us to learn more about our customized wedding day pet sitting service!


We offer a consultation in-person for weddings so we can all begin to think through all of the details and learn more about your dog’s personality and your expectations for the entire day. The cost is $25.  We would discuss your entire event agenda and determine your pet’s involvement in each activity so that we will know where he should (and shouldn’t) be throughout the day.  For example, would you like him there when your bridal party is doing hair and makeup or could we use this time to practice walking him down the aisle?  What motivates him – is he treat motivated, toy motivated? Does he understand hand signals? Those are just a few of our many questions that we would discuss during the consultation. We also have some policies we cover – for example if you are getting him groomed the day before please make sure it’s a groomer he’s been to so that there are no surprises! Of course this applies more to fluffy dogs but something we just discuss with all pet parents.

Standard Services

Pre-ceremony rehearsal, pre-ceremony pet sitting, transportation to ceremony for your pet, dressing up pet and final touches brush up upon request, supervise your pet during the ceremony including handling for photos, assist your pet with their “role” such as best pal  or ring bearer, provide standard care such as potty breaks, feeding, and water, walks and playtime, continued pet sitting services throughout reception.

Sample Add-on Services

Overnight Sitting on your wedding night, honeymoon sitting, pet taxi to groomer before ceremony.


Typically we travel within a 10 mile radius of Washington, DC for wedding services. Depending on staff availability we may be able to travel beyond the DC, MD, VA region and are open to discuss any location. Our team is well-traveled and our passports are ready!  We assess a mileage fee of $.60/mile. Our sitters are also paid for travel time and travel time will be included in the invoice.

A Typical Wedding

Each wedding is unique but here is what typically happens on the day of. We pick up the dog and supplies (treats, water bowl, outfit) from your home and bring the dog to the venue. We will walk the dog around the grounds or wait in a designated room. When the wedding party lines up to walk we will pass the dog to the person walking him/her down the aisle. There are usually a few photos then the dog is passed back to us where we return to the waiting room or walk around outside. After the ceremony we then bring the dog to the couple for photos. The dog can then make an appearance at the reception but at this point most want us to return the dog home as they are tired. We will do a final walk, feeding, meds if needed.


Wedding services start at $500. We offer personalized quotes as each service is unique. In addition to the cost we would request to have permission to post a photo or two and a recap to our website or social media accounts. 

Service Break

We require that our team have the opportunity to take a break during long shifts over 6 hours.


Initial Meet and Greet – $25
Wedding Package – $500 and up

Estimates will be given in advance, final quotes will be given after the consultation.  

*Please note we are unable to discount services. Learn more on our FAQ page.


We only accept wedding requests within 120 days of the event.  We realize advance planning is important to the couple however we cannot guarantee staff availability more than 4 months in advance.


Please email [email protected] to inquire about services. We will ask you to complete the following form to the best of your ability: https://forms.gle/XMs1SH1uLZhuLe2B9


Couples love us

Peace of mind

We know how difficult it is to plan a wedding. We are happy to assist with everything pet related from including your pets in the ceremony to caring for your pets while you travel on your honeymoon.

With our help your family can enjoy the wedding instead of helping to care for your overly-excited pet!

Customized care

We customize our wedding day pet sitting services to meet your needs. Each couple has a unique vision for including their pet in their ceremony and we will work with you to decide the best approach to transform your vision from an idea into cherished memories!

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